Improving your lifestyle with clean living

Clean living seems to be the new trend for 2017, many people are moving away from the bad habits and the unhealthy diets with the aim of just living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Living clean requires a lot of motivation and a positive attitude towards clean eating. And, when it comes to eating, yes, it does mean cutting out all the fatty foods, junk and processed foods.

Eating clean is a lifestyle choice that includes taking the time to prepare and cook your meals. So for many people, if appears very time consuming but I fact with a bit of organisation it does not take that much more time and the health benefits are extremely beneficial in the long run. The other plus is that over time the body rediscovers the natural taste of foods, whilst providing the body with good nutrients, vitamins and minerals to repair organs and increase energy.

According to recent research, there has been a trend in people becoming more aware of healthy diets, 61% of people are searching for diets, moving towards veganism and gluten-free lifestyles. (1)

When it comes to setting goals, most opt to lose weight and they are often looking for quick fix, which usually means falling for the latest fad diet.

Yes, they may help with weight loss and lose a few pounds but how long for?

Once the diet is over many go back to their previous eating habits and the weight piles back on.

Some fad diets are not as healthy as they claim and some even deprive the body of essential nutrition needed, even causing the body to suffer in the long run, affecting skin, hair and nails as well as internally.

A few tips to remember for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Choose fresh food: cooking fresh foods and eating freshly cooked meals may be the ideal way, allowing you to decide what to put in the meal rather than an anonymous manufacturer as well as reducing the risk of toxic chemicals, pesticide residues, flavourings or preservatives in the food. (3)
  • Avoid processed food: these can be high in sugar, artificial ingredients, high in fat and lead to overconsumption. (4)
  • Using natural sugar and fats: typically are found in fruits and dairy products these are more beneficial to the health and maintaining sugar levels. Consuming ‘good’ fats such as those found in avocado, nuts, whole eggs and many others, could also be good for the body as it can improve blood cholesterol levels and lower risk of heart disease. (5)
  • Portion Control: having the right amount of serving per meal is crucial, with the correct amount of calories and a variety of healthy foods without over-eating.

Clean living is a journey, it’s all about keeping yourself motivated and healthy naturally and to just go with the basics because they can surely get you far!




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