Why Drink Sirco?

Diseases of the Heart and Circulatory system (Cardiovascular disease or CVD) are the main causes of death in Europe.

  • 1 in 3 Adult deaths worldwide are a direct result of heart disease or strokes (according to the www.worldlifeexpectancy.com, 2015)
  • Each year 4.3 Million people die from heart disease. Put into perspective Coronary heart disease kills 7 times more women in Europe than breast cancer. (source: European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics 2008 Edition – British Heart Foundation)
  • According to a  UK Government report 3 in 4 Adults are likely to suffer illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes by 2030  (source: The Daily Telegraph – Wednesday August 21st 2013)
  • High cholesterol and changes to the platelets in the blood are the two main causes of heart disease.

Healthy blood for a healthy heart


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Our hearts need more than just strong arteries and low cholesterol levels to stay healthy, they need healthy blood too.

Blood vessels contain tiny cells called platelets, which help to look after the circulatory system. Normally, platelets are smooth but when blood vessels are inflamed, they can become spiky and clump together. When this happens it can have an effect on the health of our blood circulation.

Healthy blood circulation is essential for good health and with its unique properties, Sirco, with Fruitflow can help keep blood flowing smoothly as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

1. Artery with Smooth platelets

artery with smooth platelets

Platelets are fragments of cells which circulate in the blood. Their main function is to look after the circulatory system

2. Artery with Spiky platelets

Artery with spiky platelets

Platelets can however become spiky or activated due to a number of reasons

3. Artery with Clot

Artery with clot

This can eventually result in a blood clot.