Fruit Juices: A very crowded market

Doing research about fruit juices and other drinks, I had the chance to spend quite some time in supermarkets over the last few weeks. And the main thing I have taken from this investigation is… a big headache!

“100% Fruit Juice”, “Pure Fruit Juice”, “Vegetable Juice”, “Juice from Concentrate” or “Not from Concentrate”, and so on. The choices and the different brands are infinite and this is typically certainly a crowded market. A situation in which array of companies are trying to sell the same products in different ways. Marketers face a tough job to make the same type of product stand out by highlighting specific benefits that would grab attention of their target market.

While looking at all those drinks, I got wondering as to how customers actually choose their fruit juice. It could be because you’re a loyal customer and stick to what you know, or you take the most popular brand, the one you’ve seen on TV? Perhaps you are one to try out something new, or maybe ingredients play the biggest role in your decision making? Are you concerned about the health benefits of the juice or if it meets the five a day requirements? Maybe you’re more of a whatever is on special offer buyer?

When looking closely at all these fruit juices, you might realise that they are quite similar even if wrapped into different packaging. You will probably find the same flavours and the same claims for each brand. However, it is still important to look at the ingredients before choosing your juice, and especially to the level of sugar. If almost all of the energy in juices come from natural sugars in the fruit, lots of juices contain different amounts of added sugar, as they are allowed to contain up to 4% of added sugar. The juices labelled “100% juice” are to be preferred, as they usually do not have added sugar or artificial colours. Purple juices like Cranberry or Pomegranate juices are also a good choice as those fruit contain powerful antioxidants.

So next time you are in the drinks aisle have a look at the ingredient list before choosing your juice. You might spend some more time in your supermarket but your body will thank you for it.