Blog: Why we love the Med diet

Olive oil at the ready, let’s talk about the much-hyped Mediterranean diet. Are people really aware of its benefits? With so many fast foods fighting for our attention and our busy lifestyle making us extremely time poor, the tendency to reach for ready-made processed, preservative loaded alternatives may offer shortly lived comfort but sadly not the long term health benefits.

And, while stories of surging obesity levels and health deteriorating are abound, it may appear that a solution is not in sight. But there is a simple change at hand…one that’s scientifically proven to lower cholesterol and dementia levels as well as cut the risk of having a stroke. It’s not a magic formula, but simply ditching the diet and adopting a few new lifestyle concepts. After all, ‘diet’ can be such an ugly word.

A recent Italian study, suggests that Mediterranean Diet may actually help alleviate these diseases. Aside from numerous bits of research that have been conducted on this subject, essentially, all it’s saying is that an active lifestyle, based on fresh and nutritious foods is exactly where you should start when you’re concerned about your health. Ultimately, a healthy outside starts from a healthy inside. And yes, I know that not everyone can grow tomatoes in their back garden, but we can always try the local produce; fresh meat, fruit, and veg sourced from farmer’s markets or the aisles of the supermarket.

This really is a rural concept for a lifestyle, and it shouldn’t sound too foreign, other than the fact that it now has a fancy tropical name to go with it. Cooking from scratch can be just as quick as popping a ready-made meal in the oven and we’re certain that it’ll taste much better and be more satisfying, knowing you’ve made it yourself.


Why We love the Med Diet?

Take the recent case of eighty-year-old, Eileen Farrell from Headford, County Galway, who had high levels of cholesterol and her doctor suggested medication (isn’t it funny how the first thing doctors suggest is popping pills…), but Eileen instead decided to adopt a course of Mediterranean Diet, before she committed to tablets. By being on the diet, she lowered her cholesterol and avoided the need for medication altogether.

As Professor Sultan, president-elect of the International Society for Vascular Surgery says “Cholesterol is the most crucial element in the human body, but we do need to nourish it by eating the right foods.”

The Mediterranean ‘lifestyle’ allows you to explore all the yummy food that comes around seasonally, along with amazing vegetables that will make yours and your families plates that more colourful. After all, cooking doesn’t have to be plain and boring!

The best part of Med Diet is that you don’t need to restrain yourself from all your favourite foods. It’s all about portion control, balance, being active and eating the good fats.

We love the Med lifestyle, it’s been our inspiration and the result is Sirco, a flavoursome, natural juice, containing concentrated ripe tomatoes, that proven to benefit cardiovascular health and circulation. Sirco, with the help of the Fruitflow, will keep your blood flowing smoothly and is an essential part of living a varied and balanced healthy lifestyle!  So why not enjoy a #SircoHeart!